Saturday, February 16, 2019

About Owner

Hello!  I am a retired teacher that cannot quit teaching :) I
have gone to church my whole life including before birth. Just ask my 100 Year Old Mother, Lilian Pedley! This year, 2019 on March 29, my mother will be 101!!!

We have been supplying churches, & ministry organizations with products since 1987!

The reason we started doing this was that we noticed that churches were often charged the same commercial rates that they charged businesses. But there is a difference: churches do NOT make profit from purchased products; businesses do. Therefore in my judgement the price for churches should be less.  I have taught  since 1964. 

I have 3 degrees, all above zero, BA MSEd, & MUI. :)

I have my Computers in the Classroom Specialist and have spoken 3 or more times at ECOO (Educational Computing Organization of Ontario). 

I helped implement the St. John's Outdoor Studies Centre which was a two room school in St. John's, a small but beautiful community in Thorold Township that once was a milltown with the 12 Mile Creek passing through it. 

I am married to one wife, Ellen K Pedley, have two daughters, Ann and Rebecca. Ann has 2 sons and one husband, Jon, living in Attleboro, MA. 

Rebecca, the younger daughter has one husband and  3 sons who raise beef cattle in Delevan NY on a few acres of the 8 they own. 

Rebecca's first husband, Tedd Woodworth who passed away just 4 years after their marriage, is the subject of my book called Joyful Mourning - A True Love Story.

Joyful Mourning - A True Love Story is available on and and the digital version is available on Smashwords.

Rebecca's present husband is Pastor Scott Laird, an amazing and wonderful man who is quiet until he starts preaching.

I have retired several times because it was so much fun .... from teaching, from being a taxi driver, from driving a bus, running a computer business, selling church software from British Columbia to the Catholic Parish on the US Military Base in Seoul Korea. I retired from that too, but am thinking of starting again. 

I sold Churchmedia products such as projectors, screens, bulbs, cables etc. all over North America. 

Now I am driving a bus again for Sharp Bus Lines. Almost unbelievably, over the last two weeks (Jan-Feb 2019), we have had 3 snow days last week and 2 ice days this week (Ending February 8).

I specialized in Science and Environmental Studies as well as computers in my teaching career.

I soldered together the first computer under $200, back around the late 70's or early 80's, the Sinclair ZX81, owned VIC 20's and several C-64's before moving to IBM Compatibles.

In my young adult days I spent time doing youth work through our church, and was asked several times to speak at retreats and conferences.

I am 75, this year [2019] and have not slowed down very much. 

 I enjoy helping people so a couple of years ago, I went on a Mission Trip to Turkey through our church and several years before that the first Mission Trip that Faith Tabernacle, Welland took to Cadereyta, Mexico with Pastor Phil Smith and Pastor Stan.

After seeing how many of the world's peoples have to live (Mexico, Turkey)  I decided that the business  I ran could sponsor a Compassion Canada child in Nicaragua. So we have been sponsoring a growing young man by the name of Adonis. Thanks for helping us continue this child!
 Photos are from our mission trip to Turkey in 2015                                                       

 My wife and I have sponsored children in India until they were not children any more and through Teen Challenge as many people develop problems in their teen years and later realize their mistakes and need help to come back to reality.

Thanks for purchasing from my businesses and helping people around the world. 

Charles G Pedley BA MSEd MUI

We attend Faith Tabernacle Church in Welland, ON.  

Friday, February 15, 2019

Kingdom Chairs Special Offers

Kingdom Chairs Special Offers

Quality Custom-built Chairs in Six Weeks!

We build your church chairs custom, to your order. Select from numerous high quality fabrics, durable finishes, and practical options and we’ll build and ship your chairs in as little as six weeks!
  1. Get a free dolly with your purchase of 100 chairs or more! Value $119 
    It's certainly easier than carrying all these stacks!

    2. Get 2 Bookracks for the price of 1 when you purchase more than 50 chairs.

    3. Planning to purchase 100 chairs or more? Get a Free Church Chair Sample! - Pay only shipping cost.


Friday, February 8, 2019

Quality Built-In

Kingdom Chairs have Quality Built-In!

Highest Quality Frame Manufactured in America of Heavy-Duty Steel with durable black texture powder coating. Other powder-finishes available at a small up-charge.

Seat and back plywood foundation attached with metal T-Nuts for the utmost durability and generously covered with an upholstered back and seat of commercial grade foam.

Exceeds Cal-117 Specifications!

Custom built in North America to your order specifications!. We buy directly from the manufacturer who can customize your order to accommodate your particular 

BIFMA Testing & Certification

We test and certify our church chairs using up-to-date BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association) standards. 

Over the last decade BIFMA has updated these standards to be more robust; many church chairs on the market that passed under previous standards will fail today.

Kingdom Church Chairs are tested and certified based on current BIFMA standards.

See Special Offers Post!