Church Furniture

What does your church need either to update its facilities or perhaps to furnish a whole new church or addition? We are here to help. We would count it a privilege to help you find exactly what you need at the right price.

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Prestige Pulpits

Made in Ontario, Canada
(No U.S. Exchange! & Cheaper Shipping)
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Podiums & Pulpits – BRCF

Made in the Blue Ridge Mountains
in Southern Virginia,USA
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Classroom Chairs Available
Tables Platform Furniture available

I have been serving churches, including my own, Faith Tabernacle in Welland, Ontario since 1980! How can I serve you? We are not in business just to make some money but to HELP the church find quality products at the lowest prices possible. Then your church has more money to spend in order to accomplish its purpose.
—– Charles G. Pedley BA MSEd MUI