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Donarius – Church Mangement Software – Donarius may be all your need! Satisfaction guaranteed! Created in Toronto, Canada
Church management software that saves you time and gets more done with fewer headaches. Also used by non-profit organizations to manage their donor and donation database. (Sometimes called: donation tracking software.)

Includes free customization during the one year warranty period!

Download a demo to try out a product. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money will be refunded.

Church Envelope Secretaries and Church Treasurers:

The easy way to keep track of your members, contributions, pledges and more…

Non-profit Administrators and Treasurers:

The easy way to keep track of your donors, donations, pledges and more…

Donarius ® is the Church Management Software that makes it easy to keep track of your members, their offerings and their pledges. (This is also called Church Database Software.)

If you are a church envelope secretary, administrator or treasurer, here is how Donarius will help you:

  • enter all the offerings for a Sunday by name or envelope number including loose offerings
  • MiniMICR Check Reader speed up the data entry using a check reader.
    You read the check, the donor is <– NEW
    found and you just enter the amount.
    We recommend this reader , which plugs into your USB port. Order the reader/scanner from one of these suppliers .
  • Pre-authorized deposits (such as through ACH) are recorded automatically or imported from your online giving provider. Donarius is integrated with Vanco and WeShare so that you can import in one step. You just need to add the Pre-authorized Deposits module.
  • keep track of pledges
  • send quarterly statements to your members by mail or email them as PDF files.   (To send emails you need the Letters/Emails module)
  • print a variety of reports
  • store individual and family pictures of each person
  • print a color photo directory <– NEW
    (You need the Photo Directory module.)
  • keep track of group membership
  • keep your members informed by sending personalized letters, emails and text messages. This is especially important for newcomers, to help them feel connected.
  • has the potential to increase your church membership, by creating connections between people and generating interest in upcoming events with communication targeted to the right people. For more about how Donarius can help you do this, read the article we wrote for the Capterra Church Management blog.
  • print tax receipts on standard 8½” x 11″ paper
  • save paper, envelopes and ink/toner by emailing tax receipts
    (To send emails you need the Letters/Emails module)
  • re-assign church envelope numbers at year-end if needed and print labels for church envelope boxes
  • keep track of group membership
  • import data so you don’t have to re-type the information

Download a FREE DEMO of Donarius

This is on the developer’s page but we hope you will come back to Churchmart (Church Furniture Canada) to purchase. However you are forgiven if you purchase directly from developer. 🙂 The main thing is that we are trying to help churches save money and do the same thing for less than the higher-priced more involved products. Powerchurch is our favorite for all that it does including your fund accounting, but for smaller churches, Donarius is perfect!

Tell us by email what modules you desire in your order email.
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Choose which base version you want below.
A. Donarius ® Unlimited $63.97 US
($67.97 CDN)
B. Donarius ® for Small Churches/Non-profits $47.98 US ($50.98 CDN) (25% off) plus taxes
Addon Modules

Click here for a description of each module.

  1. Pledge Tracking
  2. Gifts in Kind and Gifts with Advantage
  3. Pre-authorized Deposits (A.C.H.)
  4. Design and Print Customized Tax Receipts
  5. Personalized Letters, Emails & Text Messages
  6. Relationships & Families
  7. Photo Directory
Each Module
$16.50 US ($18.00 CDN) each:

The small version is the same as the unlimited version, except that you have only 100 active donors per year. When you grow bigger, just pay the difference.
Click here for the definition of Active Donors

Note! We will be automating this ordering. We hope you do not mind emailing with the modules you want for a bit and we will send you an invoice.