Baptistries & Accessories

*We recommend that you use our associates
to discover which baptistry is best for you.
(They are the experts!)

When you decide you can ask to send the dimensions including weight to us and what time period would be okay for delivery and we can manage the shipping, customs fees, taxes, fees and clearances and payment in US Dollars. They will not take CAD!

We will send you a bill before the freight is picked up for the above services including our management fee. We have connections that can give us the best prices on these factors.

O ur fee is 10% of the total cost of the product in USD. We will need a copy of your invoice from for that purpose.

On a $2000 USD baptistry, you would pay us for all fees mentioned above so we can pay them for you and our management fee of $200. This can include payment to if you do not have a convenient way to pay them. We have access to the lowest exchange rate prices and no fees for making the exchange from CAD to USD. It is cheaper than the banks or credit unions!

CFC Freight Management

If you would like us to arrange the the whole thing we can do that for a small fee. Freight, customs, tax, we have importer number, we can arrange quick payment. You MUST KNOW the baptistry number and have made contact with so that they also know exactly who you are and what you want.

Yes supplies baptistries either built-in style or portable.

All Baptistries Come from the US and therefore are subject to:

  • USD to Canadian Exchange Rates, around 30%+ extra cost
  • Customs Fees – Usually around $100
  • Shipping costs from the US to Canada
  • Freight costs to the church in question
  • Credit Card fees for payment, wire transfer fees if used
  • HST / GST

If you let us manage the process of paying for the product, picking it up for delivery, getting across the border paperwork etc, then there is NO CHARGE for credit card, exchange rate fees, wire transfer fees. You will have to pay the equivalent CAD value to the U.S. price that gave you. But we make the payment for you after you have transferred the money to us.


If you know anyone that knows how to work with fiberglass and wants to start a part-time business in Canada making baptistries to order, please let us know! So far we have found none! Obviously this would not support a person full-time, but if you became an agent for our other products including chairs, podiums, pulpits etc., I can assure you there ARE SEVERAL markets which use Church Chairs.

We sell to several markets in addition to churches!

For More Information See
They usually refer Canadians to us but they specialize in baptistries and know a lot more than we do. is the Retail Outlet
of our Wholesale Supplier