Funeral Home Chairs

Yes, funeral homes too like our pew replacer chairs!
Chair #7 some say is the top of the BRCF line. It has flat seat sides and a more rounded corners.
Clients who have just had someone pass away already have enough discomfort with the passing of their loved one. The last thing they need is to also feel discomfort during the funeral service due to poor seating.

We are pleased to have served a number of Arbor Memorial Funeral Homes in Amherstberg, Windsor, Hamilton, Ancaster and others.

Chair #4 may be all that you need. It is a little narrower but very comfortable and will gang with Chair #7. See here …
No racks on Chair #4, but can be ordered as desired, 19″ wide. (Chair 1 and Chair 7 are 22″ wide.)

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Quick Shipping!
If you want chairs quickly you will often NOT be able to pick your first choice . But we can call and see what is available. Our suppliers usually keep a stock of several thousand chairs but they can NEVER predict how many orders they will get for these chairs! 🙂