Rebates on Taxes Paid

Although we have to charge you taxes by law, each province has a unique approach to encouraging churches by allowing rebates (or not!).

Ontario churches can claim back 50% of GST and 82% of Ontario PST

Please check with (Canadian Council of Christian Charities). Phone number is 519.669.5137

This is their statement about Who they are below.

At CCCC, we believe in the mission of Christian charities – to share the message of Jesus Christ. But we also understand that running a charity is complicated. There are always new issues to consider in terms of government regulation, human resources, fundraising, governance, best practices, and other aspects of operating a charity.

CCCC serves over 3,300 charities by providing affordable resources that help them operate in an exemplary, healthy, and effective way. Our team of accountants and ministry credential holders are available to help with specific questions and complex issues with an approach that unites faith and practice. Our in-house lawyers provide valuable resources and legal information and represent the interests of the Christian charitable sector in submissions to government and lawmakers.

CCCC is the largest association of Christian charities in Canada. Membership with CCCC offers a range of great benefits : special rates on conferences & events , a broad range of affinity programs , and great discounts on everything in our store . We would love to have you join our community as we advance ministry together.

CCCC Strategy

Each year, CCCC creates an action plan and budget that supports its strategy. Our strategy has three components, each of which is provided below: Strategic Statements, a Theory of Change, and a Strategy Map.

Strategic Statements

CCCC determines its strategy based upon its End Statement (the ultimate good we want to achieve) and its Values.

The summary statements are:

End: CCCC members will be exemplary, healthy and effective Christian ministries.

Values:    1. Evangelical in identity, ecumenical in service

2. Excellence in our work

3. Exemplary model for Christian workplaces

View the full text of the strategic statements .

Theory of Change

A theory of change has been defined as an explicit presentation of the assumptions about how changes are expected to happen within any particular context and in relation to a particular intervention. A theory of change maps out which actors have to do what in order to achieve and sustain a vision of success, and identifies the major linkages between them.

Strategy Map

A strategy map combines the strategic statements and the different perspectives of organizational activity. Based on the logic of the theory of change, the map shows the strategic thrusts which the organization will base its action plan.

Our map is presented in two parts: a map and a set of definitions for the terms used in the strategy map.