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Chairs4Worship makes chairs in Texas which are shipped all over the world.

Meridian Optima Essentia Sampson

First The Meridian

These are not just comfortable and functional but designed and crafted as a thing of beauty! They are the best chairs you are likely to find anywhere. Naturally they must be priced higher than any average chair. These are for churches which have higher than average financial resources and want a lasting legacy which continues from generation to the next. Generally pews cost 2 to 3 times as much as church chairs. So these pew replacements cost more than the average chair but generally less than the cost of pews.

These are chairs for the church that has a little higher budget and wants the beauty of crafted wood design along with
the comfort of a pew chair.

Prices available upon request. – Email us at [email protected]

Today, September 19, 2016 USD Cost is $145.88 per chair
plus shipping plus taxes

Today cost before shipping and taxes would be CAD$192.61

Options for Meridian Chairs