Terms of Service

Using these pages indicates your acceptance of these terms of service.

Church Furniture Canada agrees to give you the lowest possible price with the highest quality products.

YOU agree that any misunderstanding due to any information on these pages is totally your responsibility as you have decided to read these pages. Feel free to ask if you do not understand anything. Also feel free to read the instructions and ask if they are not clear to you.

Church Furniture Canada does not make the products purchased through these pages. However we have selected the very best suppliers to provide products to you. We do everything in our power to make sure you get a great product that you will be happy with for many years to come.

We arrange for shipping to your site. However we do not deliver the products ourselves. Our freight broker finds the best available transport to get your product to you. No one is perfect but we do our best. We will help you to get any damaged product replaced by the carrier. However we cannot accept any responsibility for a negligent company or driver.

Only twice have we ever had ANY damaged product, both by the same carrier and both in the same week. After we have provided the carrier with your claim to have your damaged products replaced it may take 30-45 days to get their reply. If you wish to talk to the carrier yourself after we have let you know that the forms have been submitted, then we will gladly provide their phone number and address. I would suggest that you use a “soft answer” Biblical approach, even though it is the last thing you feel like doing. Sometimes the first individual you talk to may not be able to make the decision we want them to make. That is when we ask to speak to a superior who CAN make the right decision.

We assure you that any damage WAS NOT present at time of shipping. Our suppliers have been in business 21 years or more and value their product arriving to you safely. If product is damaged it is the fault of the driver and the company he works for since he would be negligent in strapping the product in so that it does not move during transit.

Prompt Ordering
Since church chairs and furniture are not commonly used products, they are kept in one of the manufacturer’s warehouses until ordered.

If you wish to get a product in a certain quantity you cannot wait until a few weeks or even a month and expect to get it by the date you wish to receive it.

The process requires MANY STEPS which have to be accomplished IN A PARTICULAR ORDER.

A 50% deposit is required BEFORE we put in your order. The balance as explained on our invoice MUST be received BEFORE we ship your product.

All sales are conducted this way. You pay completely for the product before you leave the store.

If you have any concerns please talk to us. We appreciate your referrals and value an excellent reputation.

Phone 905-228-2161 local Niagara.

Toll-free 1-877-469-3017

Please leave an explanatory message if we are not available to receive your call when you phone.

We LOVE to have new friends from other countries establishing churches in Canada. However sometimes we have trouble understanding the way you speak English. Not that you speak it incorrectly but that your accent may make it difficult to understand.

That is why we PREFER that you complete our contact form before making any phone calls because we will see what you want on paper before we talk. A follow-up phone call then will be better understood!

Thank you for choosing Church Furniture Canada, a certified Senior-owned company and May God Bless Your Ministry!

Charles G. Pedley BA MSEd MUI