Used Church Furniture!!!

Maybe your church is just starting out or it is small and you cannot afford brand new furniture, at least not right now. Well on this site there are loads of used church pews, chairs and other church furniture.

The trouble is for Canadians, you can run into all kinds of trouble unless you are experienced in importing used products into the country.

We can help you with that. We have freight brokers that would be happy to transport your load, for a fee of course. We have inexpensive customs brokers that can clear your product through the border.

Or maybe you are adventurous enough and have or know somebody with a truck and you want to go and pick them up yourself. HOWEVER you still need border clearance, an invoice and various other customs documents before they will let you across the border.

We can refer you to all these people and we only charge a very small fee. Talk to us if you need help like this.

See used church furniture here!