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For those who just want a competitive comparison , we do understand stewardship. However instead of asking us for a quotation, please just be forthright and tell us WHAT price you already have and send us a copy of it. Then we will be forthright with you and tell you if we can beat it or not. If we cannot, you may not hear from us. However we will try to honour all requests for quotes.

Good Stewardship? Are you trying to practise it?

Let this item help you! 🙂

Sometimes people spell stewardship s c i m p m a n s h i p 🙂

When you purchase oranges, do you just buy …

  • The cheapest you can find?
  • Do you buy the biggest you can find?

Do you buy the prettiest ?

  • or …
  • Do you buy the BEST TASTING you can find
    for the price you can afford?

  • Many people say our chairs are the BEST SITTING you can afford!
    (However there is something to be said for logs! 🙂
  • The link below with take you to your email …
    Purchase a FREE DEMO , and pay just half the shipping cost and find out which chairs are the BEST TASTING ..err.. that is the BEST SITTING CHAIRS !!!
  • ( Or just email us and explain )
  • Interac Etransfer is FAST!

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