Chairs from China

North American Engineering & Design – Example One

We are proud to provide quality engineered chairs and other church

furniture from Blue Ridge Church Furniture , Prestige

Pulpits and other select companies.

One Viewpoint on Chairs from China

No company which sells chairs for less than about $50* can afford to have them made in the USA or Canada. Labour rates are high enough that it is impossible to make a quality chair that stays together for a price equal to or less than the chairs we offer.

If China is a good enough for Apple, why not your church? Isn’t it quality that counts? Designed in North America, made in China fits. It is part of our daily lives.

* Excluding sales of course where there may be too many of one kind of chair. That is different.

Yes most of the wooden church furniture is built right here in North America and we are proud of the craftsmen in the Blue Ridge Mountains area who make them.
But metal-frame chairs, in order to be competitively priced must be made in an area with cheap labour, usually China.

If you think that is a bad thing and that they should all be made here in North America, then make sure you DO NOT BUY ANYTHING with electronics as part of the product such as electronic parts of stoves, refrigerators, freezers, TV sets, and all electronic goods which are
partially or fully made in China!

In fact the Apple iPad is made in China! Do you have an iPad? If

you do not like goods built in China, be real, and sell it and TRY

to buy a tablet or smartphone made in the USA or Canada. To my

knowledge they do not exist or no one would buy them as they

would be way too expensive.

Some may feel that North American workers are not getting their fair share of business. Maybe that is true. But then American labour requires much higher salaries and benefits than do foreign workers in Asia. I understand why you want to employ North American workers because I am one!

Something to think about before you reject China as a source for chairs or any product. The iPad was not designed or engineered in China nor are the chairs we sell! So when you buy chairs from us, this is what happens.
  • As a Christian, I believe in fairness to all peoples which is why Jesus the Christ died for all of us. He died for the Chinese as well.
  • If Chinese workers build chairs, then they get a lot more money than tending rice pads with water buffalo
  • That makes the Chinese people more prosperous . More prosperous people like free countries.
  • I never ask what country ships my goods from other lands but they could be Canadian or American
  • The workers on the docks , are North Americans. (NA)
  • The distributing companies wholesaling chairs to dealers like myself are North American as are all of their employees! In fact this summer I watched as Blue Ridge Church Furniture employees opened stacks of chairs and systematically checked each one to make sure there were no faults. Then they brushed them to make sure no lint from the fabric process would be left on any chairs.
  • The truck drivers live in NA.
  • The customs brokers live and work in NA.
  • The freight companies which own the trucks are North American
  • My webhosting company is North American!
  • I am North American . I am a senior a ttempting to supplement my government pensions in a respectable responsible way without relying upon government assistance. Do not make assumptions that you really do not know anything about. The book I wrote called Joyful Mourning gives you a little appreciation as to where some of our retirement savings went.
  • So for all of you who buy from Church Furniture Canada, thank you very much for supporting not only MANY North American jobs but also for enriching impoverished foreign workers! May God bless you for caring!
  • You can rest assured that a portion of any profits made are donated to charities which we know use them well to help the oppressed, the poor, the downtrodden, the captives, the people that Jesus said that he came to help .
  • If you still decide to buy from some other companies which may have similarly-priced chairs because they lead you to believe that their chairs are all MADE in North America, that is your right.

(Do you actually know that as a fact? Is it reasonable to believe that North Americans which have much higher labor rates are actually making chairs the same price as the Chinese? Good luck!)