After You Order

Why We Say 2-4 Weeks

Here is the process once I have received your full payment.

1. I complete and send a purchase order.

2. Blueridge or one of the other companies we deal with sends me back a contract to sign for the purchase of the chairs.

3. I sign it and send it back giving them permission to use my credit card.

4. T here may be several orders ahead of your order that need to be processed.

5. When it comes time for your order, the warehouse guys open up the stacks of chairs and inspect each one for any faults. If no faults then they brush the surfaces to remove any lint which may be present from being stacked after the seat material was installed.

6. Then when your order is all ready, I get notified.

7. Since the freight man also has other shipments to be picked up, he may not have time to contact me until the shipments ahead of your order are all arranged.

8. Then the freight broker has to call the trucking company which has agreed to pickup and deliver your chairs. But that company may not be going anywhere near Rocky Mount, VA for several days.

9. So they arrange the pickup for the time the truck can arrive at the warehouse. Remember that you did not order a whole truckload of chairs. Therefore the trucker has to attend to, pick up, and/or drop off other orders in various places all along his route from Virginia to your location in Canada. That could take almost a week.

10. The trucker normally phones you, the customer, when he is a anywhere from a day,  to two or three hours away from delivery. You should have some strong men to unload the truck and carry the chairs inside. It is not the trucker’s job to do that.

11. When they arrive and you see and sit on them, I believe you will agree they were worth the wait!  Ahhhhhhhhh!!! 🙂


Please if there is ANY damage it was caused by the trucking company. Our warehouses do NOT ship damaged chairs. PLEASE ASK FOR THE BILL OF LADING OR RECEIPT FOR DELIVERY AND INDICATE THE DAMAGE. DO NOT SIGN IT WITHOUT  INSPECTING THE CHAIRS or the trucking company if not very responsible MAY REFUSE TO PAY FOR THE NEW REPLACEMENTS!

So DO NOT SIGN until you INDICATE ALL DAMAGE on the form.


We had one case only where a Pastor just signed which means everything was okay. 12 chairs were damaged in some way out of 100. That is NOT you paid for and NOT what WAS SENT. We have re-submitted the claim.

Charles Pedley, President and Owner