Operation ‘Chairs’-BRCF

The ‘Chair-ished’ Process
(Be aware that due to U.S. exchange rates being about 25% higher, that means 25% of the original cost has to be added to each of the BRCF chairs below.)
Chair #7 – Newest Chair


Your Request
  1. Download Latest Chair Flyer (waiting for new flyer)
  2. Pick a Chair #
  3. Pick a Chair colour
  4. Pick a Quantity
  5. Give us a time-frame
  6. Complete Quotation Request

Our Response

  1. We give you a USD price per chair FOB Blue Ridge Church Furniture facilities in Rocky Mount, Virginia. (United States Dollar)
  • ​We give you a ballpark shipping rate while freight man is working on an exact quotation.
  • When you wish to proceed, we send you an official quotation including shipping and HST.
  • You approve quotation and we convert it to an invoice.
  • You pay invoice by cheque, or charge through PayPal, at least 1/2 up front to reserve chairs for stock or reserved next delivery. PayPal – add 3% service charge.
  • We reserve your chairs and give estimated time of delivery.
  • Upon us being informed that chairs are ready to ship, we inform you and you pay balance before delivery.
  • Estimated date of delivery is supplied to you.
  • You supply us with two or three contact numbers.
  • Driver normally will phone one day or at least a few hours ahead of time to inform you of his estimated time of arrival.
  • You have a few extra hands ready to help unload truck and bring chairs inside to predetermined location.
  • You try the chairs which at first will seem hard but after a few sit-downs they gain their normal aaahhhh! seating comfort.
  • You will wonder why you EVER put up with inferior, cheap, easy-to-obtain chairs designed to throw out your spine, deliver more back problems to your doctor, be thrown out in 10 years and make you wish you were at home, relaxing in your recliner with a good cup of your favorite beverage, snoozing off and on.
  • You send us an honest informal evaluation of our chairs and we send you a $10 Tim Horton’s card or a cheque for the same amount. timhortons-ovallogo
  • We smile and feel happy to have helped you find the highest quality church chair in North America!
  • We feel our service is Master-full, cost-efficient & PRICELESS! 🙂
  • We have been serving churches from British Columbia to Newfoundland, from Northern Ontario to South Korea,  with their needs since 1987 and are very happy to serve you too! 🙂



 You may click on the flyer below one or more times and it will get bigger.

We usually quote and recommend Chair #1 or #7 as it has the rack and communion cup holder already installed as part of the chair.
However we realize that not all needs are the same. Every chair is unpacked by our distributor, checked for any flaws and brushed to remove any lint from traveling.

Complete Your Quotation Request Here 

Retail Price
Qty 100+



Per Chair
USD $ for
Less Than
100 Chairs

Chair #1 $35.99 $38.99
Chair #7 $36.99 $39.99
Chair #4 appropriate for venues other than
sanctuary as they are too narrow for comfort
when ganged together. But more comfortable
than Chair 11 because of lumbar support &
better padding. About 18.5″ width.
Chair #4 32.99 $35.99
Chair #11 has a seat width of 16.5″ which
is great for classroom, banquet and extra
use chairs. Comfortable for use singly but
no attempt at lumbar support. 
Chair #11 25.99  $26.99
*CAD price calculated at time of order
*PLUS Shipping and HST

Discounts can be arranged for larger quantities.

Smaller quantities may be purchased but shipping costs begin to ad up for very small quantities.
Smaller quantities will have slightly higher chair prices.

If you can combine with another church in the same area, shipping costs become greatly reduced!