Free Canadian Phone Line!


Do you know that you can get a free Canadian phone number and line and call everyone else that is on the system for ABSOLUTELY NO COST!

You can also call numbers OUTSIDE the system at a very low cost!

Here is the list of the cities across Canada where you can have a free phone line!

Choices: You can use it through free downloaded software OR pay $4.95 per month to run it through a regular phone using a phone adapter. You can buy an adapter right now for 1/2 price, only $29 all set up to work on the system (usually costs twice as much!)

You need to have high speed DSL or CABLE internet.

Check it Out!

I have one that I only turn on when I am going to use it on my computer.

My number is: 289-650-9292 – At this point I do not leave the software app on all the time but you can leave voicemail!

Actually when you phone my business line at 905-228-2161 or the toll-free line, you are speaking to me through a similar VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) line.


Fongo Mobile

Get Fongo for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android or BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Fongo Home Phone

Keep your home phone and have your calls be free! Only $4.95* per month

Fongo World Edition – Phone Canada from outside the country!

This is what the Fongo Software App Looks Like
(With My Number Showing)

Fong Software App Appearance

Remember All you Need is a high speed internet connection!
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