Assisted Living Products / Education


Comfortek has products designed to make it easier for seniors who require assisted living to function as normally as possible. Some of these products can also be very useful for adults working with children as well.


  • Butterfly Tables for seniors and others who require a wheel chair.


Comfor Tek Seating’s line of Butterfly tables are designed to provide wheel chair accessibility suitable for education, assisted living applications. 

Unique to the BUTTERFLY Tables is the ability to adjust the height of each table top to accommodate an individual guest’s requirement.

Each table top can be positioned at a height between 26ʺ – 36ʺ. Each top also extends outward a further 6” to accommodate guests in all types of wheelchairs.

  Students requiring use of a wheelchairs can now enjoy a one-on-one interaction with a teacher or participate in workplace study groups with all classmates, as the height of each top can be adjusted accommodate even a classmate seated at a standard classroom chair. 

To see the table in Action….(Video link coming.)

Butterfly Tables include a set of casters for ease of movement and setup.  Each table also includes a full 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Butterfly tables fully collapse, making them suitable for shipping by UPS or FEDEX.  Setup of each table requires less than 10 minutes.   

In education, the 2-person (1/1) table enables younger students to experience quality one on one time with their teacher as both the teacher and the student can work around the same surface.  The 4-person (2/) table is more suited for upper grade students as they are now able to interact collaboratively with classmates on group projects as space exists for all students to enjoy a common work space. 

Within healthcare facilities, the same tables are suited for long term care, nursing homes as well as for many home care applications. Patients / couples can now enjoy the fellowship of a meal together even of one is restructured to a wheelchair. 

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