Chair Quotation Request

When we get a phone call,
we only have a record of your phone number.

When we get form contents from you, we know what you are interested in and can start to get the answers you need. 
Phone calls are great for backup and confirmation. Written communication is always better. Thanks! CGP
Please put YOUR personal contact number that could be used to contact you by the freight company when ready to deliver. Thank you! Also please put a second contact name & number in case you cannot be reached. Thank you! – 
Please let us know by email these items:

  1. Your church name, postal, code, city, province
  2. What chair # are you interested in?
  3. How many do you want?
  4. How soon do you want them?
  5. What is your name, phone number and email address?
  6. Thanks
  7. Charles
  8. We have Tech Support working on our form but we need this info to help you! 🙂
Send email to with above info in it and we will answer as soon as possible.

Forms can suddenly and mysteriously mess up. Please contact me at or by toll-free, if urgent, 1-877-469-3017, local Fonthill, ON, 905-228-2161 – Our Home Office. Please give us all the information which is important so we can begin pricing the shipping cost. Thank you! We would be honoured to serve you.