How many volunteers should be available to unload chairs? transport-blu

– Remember that chairs are packaged in bulk and 6 – 8 feet high. Depending on the chair and some chairs weight as much as 22 lbs. Lifting the top chair off of a stack of chairs requires an “able bodied individual”.


Stacks of chairs ready for pickup and delivery.


– It would be advisable to have as many volunteers available as possible. Many hands make awkward work enjoyable. From our experience, for orders of 200 or less, a group of 8-12 make the task manageable in a relatively short period of time….for orders of 300 – 600, a group of 18 – 20 is not too many to have available. Your assistance ensuring that volunteers are ready to unload the chairs promptly when the truck arrives is appreciated

Truck Parking – Please advise the trucker as to the location for him/her to park. You should direct him/her to a location that is as close as possible to the widest door of your facility.

Unloading – To unload, Tilt the stacks onto their backs and have people carry stack to back of truck then lower and tilt the stack to a standing position on the ground.

Truck with Liftgate – Depending on your area of Canada, getting a transport which has a liftgate is usually a very expensive proposition.

So we recommend that if you think you need help in lowering chairs to ground from the back of the truck, then you may want to rent a Ryder (more expensive) or Carter(less expensive) WITH A LIFTGATE. Then you can back up your rental truck to back of the transport, move the stacks of chairs over to the liftgate and then lower to the ground. Of course, you will need to rent the truck a long time ahead. Inquire about whether date can be changed slightly a few days before delivery without extra charge. The truck driver could run into a winter storm, an accident that requires re-routing or the like.

Wrapping Materials Any and all wrapping materials (cardboard, plastic, straps, metal bands) used in the packaging and delivery of your chairs, are your responsibility to remove and to cleanup. Under no circumstances are these materials to be left or put into the transport carrier. We encourage you to recycle all materials.

– A minimum of 1 Dolly is strongly recommended for every chair order.

In the unlikely event of damage YOU MUST WRITE THE DAMAGE AND NUMBER OF CHAIRS DAMAGED ON THE BILL OF LADING. Make sure you get a COPY of the bill of lading with the damage noted on it.

If you can remember, please let us know that they have arrived safely by email or phone. Use our toll-free 1-877-469-3017, or 1-877-454-7507.

Kindle coverIf you send us a testimonial after the timhortons-coffeechairs have been used for some time, we will send you a Tim Horton’s card for the trouble and a FREE digital copy of my book, Joyful Mourning – A True Love Story in any format you desire.

Thank you for your business or for helping us serve ministries which need our help!