Offshore Horror Stories


There are and always have been fly-by-night companies which sell products and then when the complaints start coming in they disappear and pop up under a different name.

Will they honor the warranty that they gave you? How will you find them? Their name has changed! Yes, the chairs looked great but quality chairs cannot be made in North America for under $40 or $50. Then to make a profit, any company has to add a few dollars on to the cost price in order just to make a profit and stay in business.

If you bought pews you would have to pay more, so be prepared to pay more for quality North American manufactured chairs.

Hi Carol,
(customer service from Bertolini)
You were right biz chair China-made chairs SUCK. They started falling apart 2 months after we got them. Then they avoided my calls and emails until after the date was up to return them. Then they sent us a few more crummy cheap chairs. I don’t know what to do.

I feel very cheated by this company. So I’d love to sue them but I don’t have time. So we are just going to throw them away I guess.

Literally the seams were ripping, the backs were falling off, they smell like fish.

I HATE China-made stuff now and China will not get my business anymore unless it is quality and providing jobs for Americans.

So I need a sample of fabrics from you and I need to purchase a few of your best nicest chairs to decide what chairs we will order. If you have any suggestions on what to do about the other company, please let us know. I have the managers name and email, Jessica, that screwed us over.

My address is 813 Penstemon Way for samples, please call me Tuesday to get my credit card to order chairs. Ty. God bless you and your business.


Horror Chairs
To: Carol Brown; Holly Houser;;
(;Cc: Maritza Monrreal
Subject: Chinese Import Hertz Chair Photos – 8 yrs. old My customer who sent the attached photos states the following: We purchaed Hertz chairs about 9 years ago.  They were import chairs.  See photos. (torn, loose, faded, detoriated fabric) A pastor friend of mine purchased Bertolini chairs about the same time and theirs still look like the day they bought them.I’m not at all happy with our investment.  We should be moving on to other fund raisers instead of replacing chairs again.
I’m ordering chairs from Bertolini this time. Pastor William Burney
Word in Action Ministry
Campbell, OH 44405
Chinese Imports-Hertz1IMG_8817 Chinese Imports-Hertz2IMG_1762 Chinese Imports-Hertz3IMG_3209
From Carol
Team, check out these photos of chairs purchased by one of my customers 4 years ago.  Manufactured in China.  Unbelievable.  We might want to save these and show our potential customers what could happen.  My customer doesn’t remember who they purchased them from however.
IMG_3964 IMG_3965 IMG_3966


Ask yourself. Are you looking for a great deal or are you looking for a GREAT CHAIR at a great deal?

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