Prestige Products Ready!!!

We are ready and waiting for churches wanting pulpits and communion tables and other Prestige Products.
Please check the name and number of what you are interested in and complete the Green Link to the Quotation Request Form so we can give you the cost of shipping to your location!
These are the best products I have ever seen and they are made right here in Ontario, Canada!

At this point I am a one-man shop attempting to adjust to new prices and sources. However my wife, Ellen has just been found to have cancer and has been having lots of diagnostics of every variety, Her chemotherapy continues on Friday July 12 at the Walker Cancer Centre in St. Catharines.

Please realize that chair costs must also include shipping to your location from the manufacturer. We are not currently soliciting chair business since I have to spend a lot of time helping my wife.

There is so much to do I cannot just pay any attention to business until she is recovering enough not to need so much of my help. If you believe in prayer, please pray for Ellen, my wife of over 53 years! May God have mercy on her.

However are open for business for Prestige products as they do not take as much time away from helping my wife.

We appreciate your business in this difficult time!

Quotation Request Form

Please complete this form as completely as possible so that we can get started helping you get the information you need and we need in order to give you a complete quote.

After you have sent your quotation request, please give us 24- 48 hours to come up with an answer. Sometimes it takes that long just to get a freight quote for you. 

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