Family Sickness

At this point I am a one-man shop attempting to adjust to new prices and sources. However my wife, Ellen has just been found to have cancer and has been having lots of diagnostics of every variety, Her chemotherapy starts on Friday May 10 at the Walker Cancer Centre in St. Catharines.

There is so much to do I cannot just pay any attention to business until she is recovering enough not to need so much of my help. If you believe in prayer, please pray for Ellen, my wife of over 53 years! May God have mercy on her.

However are open for business for Prestige products as they do not take as much time away from helping my wife.

We appreciate your business in this difficult time!

New Kingdom Chairs

Sorry! Our responses are going to be slow for a while. I do apologize. The reason is that my wife is very sick and will soon be treated but requires a lot of care right now.

I will do my best as soon as I can.


Kingdom Chairs are manufactured by former employees of the longest-experienced church chair manufacturer in North America!

They have always made quality chairs which also cost a bit more because to make chairs in North America, it costs a bit more. 

However paying a little extra for quality is saving you money in the long run. How long do you want your chairs to last? A few years? Or perhaps 25 years and beyond? Well you have come to the right place!

Sadly some manufacturers even right here in Canada save money by putting foam and/or using cheap fabric which is not designed to last.

You cannot see the foam and it takes several years for it to soften up and then the cushioning effect of the seat is gone! 
Then your aching back will tell you that you are sitting right on a piece of hard plywood. And in fact you are!

Unless of course they have cheapened that up tooand used chipboard or sawdust-board instead of plywood! 

I could show you the ad of a well-known chair company which in small print has the statement, "Fabrics are warranted from 1-5 years, depending upon chair model."

A customer from Calgary was sent this ad and wanted to know if I could match this company's price until I checked and pointed out to him that the reason the chairs were on sale, is that they were not the same as  the chairs that were at regular price even tho they kept the Model Name the same! 

Needless to say, he was very upset with this company even tho it was "Canadian", at least in name and bought chairs from us instead because of the attempt of the company to hide the fact that they were putting cheap fabric in order to help make the price lower! 

These chairs come from Texas, are priced in Canadian funds but may cost a bit more for shipping. To you the quality may be worth it. 

 To some others who are on a budget, you should be considering our Banquet or MultiPurpose Chairs which are stocked in our warehouses in Canada. (Click this link)

Many More Fabrics & Options Next

A Form will be coming but until then .... please
  Email us at
If you need to ask some questions, email is great because you have it written down. But if you really need to ask some questions, please do not hesitate to phone our toll-free number, or local number, whichever applies.

We will be pleased to serve you!
Charles Pedley, Owner

From the manufacturers ....... 
Why Kingdom Chairs?

About our Name and Logo – The Alef and the Tav

We find that the Alef and Tav are present throughout the whole Bible, from its beginning in the Old Testament to the end in the New Testament. We can take the Alef and Tav to be the graphic representation of God, who created heavens and the earth, and encompasses all creation and also represents eternity. It also represents the foundations of the Judeo-Christian faith system, and the belief in the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Therefore, it has been proposed to use the name, Kingdom Chairs, and the Image Type A and T, in a construction consistent with the Star of David, to communicate the essence of the faith system that underlies the purpose of what church chairs are for- Worship.

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