How To Order

Here is the Ordering Process
  1. Decide what you want, ask questions by email preferably as it is in writing to check when necessary.
  2. Ask questions by email but confirm by phone toll-free Canada & US 1-877-469-3017
  3. When your decision is made, let us know you want either a quote (early in decision-making to find total costs) or an INVOICE when ready to order.
  4. Pay the invoice by EFT (Interac Electronic Funds Transfer) to
  5. Or pay be church cheque if you wish. (Takes longer but you have a record of payment for book-keeping.) If you are a very new church, we need to wait 2 weeks to make sure your cheque is deposited in our account. (We trusted a church in Toronto once and lost about $600 because the cheque was bad and no one connected would answer their phone. We keep our prices discounted already so losing this much money means we not only lose the profit but also we lose part of what we paid the distributor. That is a formula for bankruptcy!
  6. As soon as your funds are deposited, (unless u r a new church) we send you a receipt and/or Invoice marked PAID!
  7. We send a purchase order (PO) to the vendor-distributor.
  8. We send your contact information, name, email and phone so the manufacturer can contact you for your graphics.
  9. Your product is manufactured.
  10. Prestige sends your product by truck. Any heavy expensive pieces are always sent by a liftgate truck by which the driver can lower your crate to the ground.
  11. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to TAKE THE PRODUCT INSIDE THE CHURCH. Driver can do that if you have pre-arranged and paid the extra fee.
There is rarely any problem, but we all need to wear seatbelts in cars, lifejackets in boats,  and make notes on damage for a delivery :) In fact taking a photo is one of the best ways to prove that there was damage.

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Pulpits Canada, Churchmall, Churchmart, Church Furniture Canada have been in business on the web since 1987! These domains are owned by Charles G Pedley.

Hello! We have been in business since 1987 supplying various products to churches, ministries, missions and even funeral homes and offices. This blogsite will specialize in pulpits & related products.

- Charles G Pedley, Fonthill, ON & Niagara Falls, NY. Prices are the same in USA & Canada.

To Order:

  1. Pick the pulpit you would like.

  2. Pick the finish colour for the wooden parts. See finish colours below.

  3. Are any accessories like castors desired?

  4. Complete Quotation Request Form so we can know where you would like the product sent and request a freight quote so you can know the whole cost

  5. If you have a logo you want on the product, please send the best copy of it that you can to

  6. Make any inquiries you need to make on the Quotation Request Form

  7. Any accessories requested?

  8. Pulpits Over $2000

  9. Other Prestige products.

Prestige makes the most beautiful pulpits, lecterns and communion tables I have ever seen. You will NOT be disappointed. Sold and shipped to Canada & the United States.

NC10 - Foundation Pulpit Clear - $1995

NC10G - Foundation Pulpit Grey (Tinted Glass) - $2220

NC13/NC13G Neos Pulpit - Clear or Grey Glass - $1400
Add Shelf +$200

NC26 - Five Panel Lectern - Clear $1400

NC26G - Five Panel Lectern - Grey - $1575 - No Photo- Same as above but Tinted Glass

NC2 -Three Panel Lectern Clear - $1400

NC2G-Three Panel Lectern Grey - $1500

NC2S Speaker Lectern Clear - $1035

NC2SG Speaker Lectern Grey - $1130

NC2W - All Wood Foundation Pulpit - $1895

NC2W All Wood Speaker Lectern - Only $590 !


  • Communion Tables

  • Elegance Package Addon

  • Offering Boxes

  • Other Addons For Sale

  • Other Options For Sale

  • More Deluxe Pulpits over $2000

    1. Choice of Standard Stain

2. Art Set-Up

  • Deep Etch Logo and/or Printing

Please use Quotation Request Form

so that we can prepare a quote including your freight costs and the cost of any extra options.