Family Sickness

At this point I am a one-man shop attempting to adjust to new prices and sources. However my wife, Ellen has just been found to have cancer and has been having lots of diagnostics of every variety, Her chemotherapy starts on Friday May 10 at the Walker Cancer Centre in St. Catharines.

There is so much to do I cannot just pay any attention to business until she is recovering enough not to need so much of my help. If you believe in prayer, please pray for Ellen, my wife of over 53 years! May God have mercy on her.

However are open for business for Prestige products as they do not take as much time away from helping my wife.

We appreciate your business in this difficult time!

Communion Tables

Three Sizes of Communion Tables
40", 48" & 60"

Tables may be customized by adding the Elegance Package, Wood Trim or Top, Etched or Printed Memorial Plate in Metallic or Etched Glass, Add Rhema Package, Add Wood Legs, Add Glass Scripture Bar to Rhema Table, or using a Custom Stain Match at a small extra cost.

  1. Choose 40" Long Table
  2. Choose 48" Long Table
  3. Choose 60" Long Table

Standard Communion Table in Grey Glass

NCELEG - Add Elegance Package To Table - +$500
NCRHEM -Add Rhema Package to Table - +$500

WOODL - Add Wooden Legs to Table - +$500

NCSCRIPT - Add Glass Scripture Bar to Rhema Table - $100

CUSTOM - Add Custom Stain to Match Your Church Decor - +$60

CASTOR-L - Add 2 Locking & 2 Non-Locking Castors - +$100

ETCH2 - Add Second Position Etch (per location) - +$150

COLOR - Colour Fill (per colour, per piece) - +$100

WMHK - Add Wireless Microphone Holder Kit - +$100

MEMORIAL-M - Printed Metallic Memorial Plate - +$75
MEMORIAL-G - Etched Glass Memorial Plate - +$100
NAMEPLATE-A - Add Glass Desk Nameplate to Order - +$45

Purchase Winged Prestige, Prestige or Winged Pulpit with 60" Table Save $175 !

Purchase a Prestige or Winged Pulpit with 48" Table - Save $125 !

Purchase a Foundation Pulpit with 60" Table, - Save $98

Purchase Foundation Pulpit with 48" Table - Save 75

 Purchase Three or Five Panel Lectern with 48" Table - Save $50

Purchase Speaker Lectern with 48" Table - Save $40

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