After You Order


 Why We Say Weeks

Here is the process once I have received your 50% deposit.


1. I complete and send a purchase order to reserve your chairs! Now your order is placed next in line for processing. There may be several orders ahead of your order that need to be processed unless you wish to pay them $100 USD extra to pull your chairs out of order and place them higher in the list If you do, please let me know.

2. When it comes time for your order, the warehouse guys open up the stacks of chairs and inspect each one for any faults. If no faults then they brush the surfaces to remove any lint which may be present from being stacked after the seat material was installed.

3. Then when your order is all ready, I get notified.

4. In turn I notify you to send rest of payment BEFORE delivery. We cannot offer credit terms. Your BEST source of credit is your local credit union or bank.(A credit union is normally a non-profit member organization so its fees are normally low compared to banks.)

5. I in turn have to notify my freight broker who will find out when the chairs can be picked up.

If you do not get me when you phone:

Please remember

* I may be busy at the time of the call serving others whose orders were in before yours. I do apologize for that and will make every attempt to get back to you as soon as possible – WRITTEN requests are handled first because we can read better than we can hear 🙂